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Joel Lee


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Better operations.

Helping SMBs achieve operational excellence.

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My operations philosophy...

I believe no-code is most effectively utilized in operational contexts. Since no-code lowers the barrier to development, it provides operationally-minded professionals the opportunity to employ highly customized, strategic, and holistic solutions to businesses at a fraction of the time & cost that it would take to achieve the same thing through traditional development means.


Us who are in the "no-code ops" space are essentially problem solvers, while also remaining technically competent to actually deliver on the solutions that fix those problems. 


My personal background is in Digital Marketing and Operations (in that order). Those experiences have shaped who I am today as an operations consultant & no-code engineer for businesses across various verticals including marketing agencies, law firms, & more. 

My driving passion is leveraging technology to enable teams to thrive, and much of my work has revolved around internal tooling, external applications like client portals, workflow automation, and project management optimization.

Kush Patel, Attorney at Kush Law

"Joel earned our business by showing us that our business was his business. He took the time to learn about us, was not afraid to control our expectations, and was still able to provide solutions to address our problems. I was searching for the right partner for over 3 weeks and conducted dozens of interviews, but after my first meeting with Joel and observing his deliberate disposition, the types of questions he asked indicated a level of preparedness that indicated he would and could deliver."

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